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UEnter invites you to participate in a B2B meeting with Korean developers of innovative products.

On June 4, UEnter will host a cooperation exchange in the format of individual B2B talks with companies from Korea, including:

- Computed Tomography consumables development and service.

- Medical equipment including ultrasound and X-ray.

2️⃣ Innobase:

- Vehicle management platform services and telematics device Innobase.

3️⃣ FutureTech:

- Lighting control systems: aviation, street lighting, buildings + loT technologies.

- Intelligent security and fire control systems.

4️⃣ IFTech:

- Innovative flexible film for mobile devices, automobiles, and construction.

- Full color 5D glass film and foldable 3D film.

5️⃣ PION:

- Specializing in 3D design and prototype engineering.

- Robotics and process automation using multi-sensor modules.

The purpose of the event is to establish partnerships for the realization of joint innovation projects in Uzbekistan.

You can register for the event and choose a company for negotiations by clicking here.


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