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Startup instructors training course based on NFS Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program methodology

The NFS Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program was developed by the U.S. National Science Foundation in 2011 and is recognized as one of the most effective startup accelerator programs in the U.S. and worldwide.

Since the program's launch, more than 2,500 teams have participated in I-Corps. More than half of these teams (about 1,400) have successfully launched their startup projects, which have collectively raised $3.16 billion in follow-on funding.

I-Corps is an intensive 7-week program to accelerate the commercialization of startup projects and gain the economic and social benefits.

Widely recognized internationally as a successful program, I-Corps also addresses the following 3 important national objectives:

1) Teaching entrepreneurial skills;

2) Bringing cutting-edge technologies to market and generating positive economic impact;

3) Developing an innovation ecosystem.


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