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UEnter hosted an award ceremony for the winners of the "Green Start" program to support green startup projects

As a result of the jury's decision, the winning projects were awarded grants in the following amounts:

1. Samsara - 200 million UZS;

2. Local Inverter - 60 mln UZS;

3. Clean Water - 60 mln UZS;

4. Water Treatment Tech - 60 mln UZS;

5. Smart Panel - 60 million UZS;

6. Air Quality - 20 million UZS.

The following experts acted as jury members:

1. Nurgul Aidabulova - Economic Cooperation Advisor

2. Igor Eremenko - Component Manager (GIZ)

3. Bobur Dzhurakhujaev - Project Advisor (GIZ)

4. Bekhruz Mirzaev - Representative of the Green Economy Development Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance

5. Oleg Ryzhichenko - Director of UEnter

6. Anvar Babakulov - Founder of Upay

A new set of applications for this program will be announced soon.

The program is implemented within the framework of the GIZ project "Green Industrialization in Uzbekistan".


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