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Entrepreneurship innovation center
was established with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, the TOBB ETU Tashkent University, and the KOICA Agency to stimulate economic growth in Uzbekistan through the development of innovative entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem.


Encouraging young people to start entrepreneurship and increasing interest in the production of innovative products.

Developing proposals to improve the startup ecosystem and stimulate the development of innovative entrepreneurship.

Providing all-round assistance to startups in the implementation and promotion of their projects.

Providing training for young entrepreneurs, as well as capacity-building programs for organizations involved in the development of the startup ecosystem.

Creating additional digital conditions for expanding access to useful information for all players of the startup ecosystem.

Transferring modern technologies, as well as methods of running a business based on the innovative approaches.

Enhancing and fostering integration among all participants of the startup ecosystem.


Incubation and acceleration

Consulting on starting and doing business

Providing training programs

Organization of internships
abroad for experience exchange

Organization of networking events

Providing marketing services

Media promotion

Attracting finance for startup projects

Technology commercialization

IT support and web hosting

3D design and product prototyping

Protection of intellectual property


Our facilities available 24/7.

3D Print Photo


To design and create prototypes of innovative products, a Makerspace has been created at U-ENTER, which provides a wide range of opportunities for using digital production services.

Our partners


U-ENTER is located in downtown Tashkent with a developed urban infrastructure and is surrounded by a number of leading universities, administrative and financial organizations.